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Dental caps or crowns are commonly used in restorative dentistry. They help to protect and strengthen the teeth in order to avoid tooth extraction. These caps are made from different materials such as ceramic, porcelain, metal, and resin. The crown is usually fitted over the remaining tooth area after the tooth is cleaned and the crown prepared. Crowns will resemble existing teeth in terms of shape and color.

Offers protection

Dental caps are meant to cap the existing tooth or a dental implant. Since it is customized, it will perfectly fit over the top of the teeth and is bonded into position. The main function of the dental crown is to offer protection for the underlying tooth. This means that the decayed, cracked, or broken tooth is protected against further damage caused by bacteria or everyday activities such as eating.

Provides chewing support

One of the major losses that patients experience with a broken or missing tooth is lack of chewing support. With the advancing dental technology today, stronger materials are used in the molding of the dental cap. This means that you can continue enjoying the foods that you really love without worrying about your missing, broken, or fractured tooth.

Aesthetic function

Dental crowns are commonly molded using porcelain material that replicates the natural appearance and translucent quality of the natural tooth element. When you opt for a prosthetic tooth, nobody needs to know that you have undergone any cosmetic dental procedures. The best dentist will ensure that the shading and contours of the dental crown suit your desires. They will also ensure that the crown matches your natural teeth and the bite is right.


A dental crown is normally used in a number of dental restorations depending on the situation of the patient. It is mainly used for capping severely damaged or broken tooth. For a tooth that has fallen out or has to be extracted, a dental crown will offer tooth restoration above the dental implants or can also offer support in the case of a dental bridge. Additionally, a dental cap can also be used to provide protection by capping the root canal.

Boosts tooth appearance

The appearance of the teeth is crucial for many people because it greatly affects an individual’s look and smile and it greatly contributes to their overall confidence. A dental crown can offer a cap that covers severely damaged or discoloured teeth when partial coverage with laminate or veneer is not an ideal choice. This can greatly boost your smile and ensures that all teeth in the mouth appear the same in terms of shape and colour.

Dental caps or crowns can help to restore the functionality and appearance of a tooth that has been fractured, broken, or damaged by decay. A crown is recommended when the extent of tooth damage or decay is too widespread to be repaired with normal bonded restorations or fillings and other restoration techniques.

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