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Crown and Bridge Restorations – Cochrane

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Crown Restorations

Crown restorations may be indicated with teeth with considerable structure loss. The loss of tooth structure could be due to a microbial destruction as seen with large cavities or could be due a fracture or a crack.

Also, teeth in the back with a history of root canal therapy may require a crown restoration for their long-term durability. The crown restoration takes two appointments.

In the first appointment the tooth is cut to the proper shape for a crown restoration and then an impression of it is taken either digitally with a 3D scanner or physically using conventional impression materials. The impression is sent to the lab for the fabrication of the crown. Meanwhile, a temporary crown restoration will be placed on the tooth between the appointments. The actual crown restoration is fabricated in the lab and is usually ready to be inserted in a week’s time for the second appointment.

In the second appointment, the new crown is checked for proper fit. Once the clinician is satisfied with everything, the crown restoration is permanently cemented on the tooth.  Please talk to your dentist for more information.

Bridge Restorations

A Bridge restoration is utilized to replace missing teeth using crown restorations of the adjacent teeth to the area with missing teeth. Bridges are considered a reliable option for replacement of missing teeth that are cemented in the mouth for long-term durability. 

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