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Microscopic Dentistry – Cochrane

Here at Bow River Dental, we are big fans of cutting-edge dental technology and microscopic dentistry. While analog dentistry will always have its place, digital dentistry and technology improve our work exponentially. Better yet, microscopic dentistry provides a more comfortable and expedient experience for our patients. We use Global Microscopes in-office and incorporate them into many of our procedures.

What is Microscopic Dentistry?

Microscopes enhance and enlarge tissues and structures within the oral cavity. Objects and areas of interest that are invisible to the naked eye become sharply visible and enhanced by 20 times or more, depending on the type of microscope used. Certainly, microscopes have been around since the 1950s. However, they have only attained prominence in dentistry within the last 2 decades.

Why is Magnification Important?

Most dental procedures qualify as micro-surgery. While many dental issues can certainly be seen and diagnosed using the trained naked eye, technology like panoramic radiographs and microscopic dentistry serve to correct or confirm the diagnosis. 

For example, detecting the severity and nature of a cracked tooth is quite complex, although it sounds rather straightforward. There are actually five different types of cracks, ranging from craze lines which are of little concern to vertical root fractures, where the entire tooth may need to be removed if it cannot be saved. 

In this case, microscopic dentistry offers the type of magnification and extreme focus on detail that will allow for this crucial diagnosis to be made accurately.

The Benefits of Microscopic Dentistry

Magnified Visualization

With magnifications of x2 to x20, the smallest cavities and dental issues come sharply into view. When dental issues become difficult to diagnose, a combination of radiographs and magnification ensure that we effectively isolate and identify the issue.

Increased Accuracy

Performing microsurgery requires accuracy above all else. Microscopic dentistry ensures that details cannot be missed by delivering hundreds of times more visual accuracy than the naked eye. With cosmetic dental procedures, this precision guarantees a level of artistic freedom and accuracy where minute details make all the difference in crafting beautiful smiles.

Reduced Risk

Working on dental enamel with metal instruments requires strong attention to detail to eliminate the risks involved. Of course, a steady hand doesn’t hurt. Microscopes add another level of safety, protecting delicate tissues and nerves during procedures, by illuminating all available visual information.

Improved Comfort for Patients

Many pieces of dental technology have been improved over the years to make the patient experience more comfortable. Modern dental microscopes are designed to optimize comfort for clients and optimal positioning for surgeons. This means that the microscope moves around, not you!

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