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oral appliances

We provide our patients with the following oral appliances:

Sport Guards: These guards are worn during sport activities such as hockey and rugby to prevent any dental injuries and trauma. After taking a 3D scan of your teeth, these guards are fabricated in a customized fashion to fit your teeth perfectly.

Night Guards: These sleep appliances are indicated with patients with night time grinding and clenching, collectively known as bruxism. Bruxism is usually strongly linked with breathing and airway issues. Night guards are worn at night time to protect teeth from these parafunctional stresses. Cracking teeth, wearing them down, and pulp/nerve issues are some of possible side effects of uncontrolled bruxism. Your dentist recognizes the signs and symptoms of bruxism and will prescribe a custom fit night guard if needed. 

Orthodontic Retainers: Orthodontic retainers are used post active phase of the treatment to retain the achieved alignment of teeth. Lack of retention may cause relapse.

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