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Laser and Microscopes in Cochrane, Alberta

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Lasers can replace drills for many dental procedures on the teeth and gums. The advantages are clear: the lasers do not cause heat, vibration or pressure the way that traditional drills do. This allows the dentist to perform treatment with less aggravation to surrounding tissue, which reduces healing time. The laser causes less pain than a drill, so fewer anesthetics are required, which may allow the dentist to perform a treatment in fewer visits.

Laser technology is also revolutionizing teeth whitening, accelerating the action of peroxide gels to achieve stunning results. In place of scalpels, lasers can be used to remove tumors painlessly, extract tissue precisely for biopsy, and perform frenectomy procedures to ‘untie tongues’ in babies, children and adults.

We utilize different laser technology in our practice. BlueWave laser is a new soft tissue laser used to perform minor soft tissue procedures such as shaping the gum tissue, frenectomy, and debridement of pathologic gingival tissue. 

Our Waterlase laser can be utilized to cut soft as well as hard tissue. This device can be used to easily expose impact teeth, shape gum and bone, and perform most of soft tissue surgeries. Having laser technology available to our clinicians, we offer conservative and pain free procedures to our patients. 

Our dentists also enjoy using higher levels of magnifications using surgical loupes and microscopes. Microscopes enable clinicians to magnify the area up to 20 times.

Bow River Dental BlueWave laser
Bow River Dental Centre BlueWave laser.
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Bow River Dental Centre Waterlase by Biolase
Bow River Dental Centre Waterlase Laser.
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